Concurrent projects

Within our delivered solutions, we are capable of handling several simultaneous projects involving, for example, implementation of payments according to SEPA (Single European Payment Area) rules and application of the European PSD (Payment Service Directive),

We carry out complex projects involving transition to ePortal and the latest generation of OfficeLine for electronic banking as well as for other purposes. These projects ensue from current trends and, to a certain extent, innovations in the traditional concept of this type of services.

A common component of our implemented projects consists in the connection of systems with mobile operators and connection with payment-card systems (for example, Base24, execution of card transactions using the 3D Secure interface).

In the past, we collaborated on projects involving the transition of banks from the local currency (SKK) to EUR.

We deliver SSO (single-sign-on) solutions which make it possible to sign in to several heterogeneous applications at once on the basis of the eCobra Server.


Windows Azure, Windows Server 2008