Our stable development team is the pride of our company. Within our corporate culture, we focus on seeking out and grooming young talents.

We are neither technologically limited nor close-minded. Nevertheless, the prevailing majority of our projects are focused on the use of:

  • MS .NET
  • ASP .NET
  • MS IIS
  • MS SQL

Within the development team, we focus on the following standard areas:

  • database, data model;
  • communication interface (integration with other applications);
  • graphical user interface (front-end);
  • business logic (application behaviour, workflow, statuses);
  • security.

In light of the fact that we are engaged in both the development of proprietary products and custom development and the body-shop model, we specify the following roles within the team:

  • The solution architect decides on conceptual technical issues in addition to his own programming. The solution architect specifies the means of implementing more complicated functionalities as well as entire applications.
  • The senior developer independently programs broader functional units in accordance with the concepts formulated by the solution architect.
  • The junior developer programs partial units in connection with the work of the senior developer.


We utilise processes based on systematic analysis, when development is governed by precise instructions and pre-defined expectations both in the functional area and in the area of non-functional requirements. We have extensive experience with agile development techniques and extreme programming, in the event that this is appropriate within the given project.

"Best practices"

We proceed especially from RUP (Rational Unified Process) recommendations while adapting to any methodology preferred by the customer (in this respect, we have a wealth of experience gained from projects for customers - companies - bound to maintaining company standards).

For us, it is a matter of course that:

  • Source code is clearly commented.
  • We employ standardised and automated unit-tests.
  • We use "standardised" components in the interest of minimising development time.
  • We design open, expandable and configurable solutions; we do not employ "hardcoding".
  • We use the advantage of SOA: We design universal and transparent interfaces (XML/SOA, WCF...).


We use an internal system for monitoring tasks and the status of their execution. Besides our technical-support specialists, the developers and personnel who tested the system are involved in this system. No report escapes our attention.

We consistently version source code and configurations (Subversion, Trac).


Windows Azure, Windows Server 2008