Consultation and analysis

At the beginning of each project and later in the course thereof, we strive to thoroughly understand the customer's needs and expectations. Our analyst determines these requirements, documents them and, upon the customer's approval, forwards them to our developers for realisation. Of course, the process does not end there; we always seek the optimal solutions and ideas that benefit the customer.

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Development as a service must always be based on a clear commercial benefit for the customer and is therefore based on high-quality analysis. Of course, this involved not only the willingness to do what is in the customer's interest, but also the endeavour to recommend technologically appropriate solutions and to formulate new concepts that are beneficial for the customer.

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Project management

Out project manager (together with the analyst) takes part in regular consultations with the customer and by other means works to ensure the smooth running of the each project. The project manager's task is always to identify project risks and, together with the customer, to resolve them in a timely manner.

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Technical support

Our technical-support specialists are prepared to assist with resolving potential operational complications, identify necessary modifications of the software and to consult with the customer regarding the necessary procedure. The scope and method of technical support is determined by the service level agreement. The scope of service can be 24/7 (continual readiness) and ranges from verbal consultation to direct intervention at the customer's place of business.

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