At a certain moment, a growing company is faced with the issue of how to consolidate its progressively developing offer of products and how to integrate gradually introduced software applications which frequently comprise a highly heterogeneous environment.


Product history

ePortal was created in response to the trend of combining originally separate services and the ever rising demand for rapid resolution of business cases. If an existing or potential client decides to enter the website of an on-line service operator, then it is necessary to exploit the synergy between the offers of the cooperating companies and to provide comprehensive service in order to attain immediate support for the business case.

ePortal does not limit its operator in any way where the nature and structure of the offer of realised services is concerned. The solution has proven itself among our existing clients as an effective means of supporting the sale of time deposits, payment cards, consumer loans, financial leasing and insurance products.


ePortal differentiates services accessible to anonymous clients from services intended only for registered clients.

An anonymous client enquires about a product, whereupon the ePortal operator decides on the business case and informs the potential client of the result (in order to accelerate the decision-making process, ePortal conducts an analysis of the given case's level of risk based on data from available registers).

A registered client enters ePortal and registers using one of the contractual authentication methods, whereupon ePortal determines the services available to the client and enables him/her to access such services in the extent defined by the security policy.

ePortal shares a number of properties with the OfficeLine product, including well-developed solutions for securing access and segmentation of clients.

ePortal is integrated with an application intended for central relationship management (CRM) or, as the case may be, fulfils the task of the application where client data is concentrated. ePortal is connected to all necessary existing software applications (legacy systems). In order to ensure the client's single-sign-on access to all applications, ePortal is integrated with an authentication server (eCobra).

The result is consolidation of all products and services accessible to the client at a single point and on the basis of single-sign-on. Besides improvement of processes connected with CRM, a benefit for the ePortal operator is the possibility to acquire more information about the needs of clients (business intelligence) and thus the ability to more effectively target the operator's offer of products and services. However, the main objective is to achieve synergy of services and products: immediately upon entering ePortal, the client gains access to everything the operator wants to offer to that client.

Technical properties

ePortal supports web applications optimised for particular groups of users, such as anonymous clients, registered clients, partner companies and operators, among others. ePortal implements variously defined workflows supporting these users in the interest of processing business cases as rapidly as possible.

Such a solution requires a high degree of adaptability of web applications, a robust data model, high security and the possibility to use various communication interfaces (SOA). We are able to fulfil these requirements thanks to our use of outstanding Microsoft technologies. The correctness of our decision to employ these technologie is evident in our customers' inclination toward a solution built on these technologies, as they are replacing their original electronic banking solutions with ePortal with integrated electronic banking based on the latest generation of the OfficeLine product.


Windows Azure, Windows Server 2008