Our eLeasing enables maximum simplification and acceleration of the process of executing requests and contracts between multiple parties, e.g. the customer, seller and finance company. The seller completes a request, which undergoes an approval process. Afterwards, a contract is prepared and registered, and financing is then commenced. eLeasing accelerates the execution of requests particularly by obtaining (based on the customer's verifiable consent) information for assessing financial risk (examples: calculation of the client's creditworthiness, verification of payment history in relation to leasing companies, verification of identification documents).

We also envision possibilities of using this product in the state administration; execution of requests can be conducted between institutions, for example.

Product history

eLeasing was originally developed as an application for a company offering its customers consumer credit and financial leasing for financing the purchase of used and new vehicles. From the beginning, the objective of eLeasing was primarily to reduce the time required for resolving business cases to such an extent that its operator gained a competitive advantage. Besides the primary financial product, eLeasing must also mediate selling of insurance for the purchased vehicles. Thus, eLeasing is focused not only on sales of its operator's own products, but also on products from cooperating companies.

This objective was successfully achieved and eLeasing quickly became the leading product of its kind on the Czech market.

However, eLeasing was endowed with a more universal concept, thanks to which it is suitable for customers who want to offer their clients other types of products for financing, the possibility of financing other types of goods or differently focused (financial) products.


eLeasing supports the seller (dealer) of the subject of financing, the user from the financing company responsible for evaluating and making a decision on the given business case, and the user responsible for realising approved business cases.



The process of executing each business case includes:

  1. Customer acquisition: The seller prepares one or more non-binding offer calculations. The client then incorporates the selected variant into the draft contract.
  2. Business case opening: The seller formulates a draft contract (request for contract), which is then transferred to the financing company.
  3. Request processing: The financing company immediately has available the results of an automated risk assessment of the business case graphically prepared in a clear format so that a qualified decision can be reached within a few minutes (or even faster).
  4. Business case completion: Based on the approved draft contract, the financing company finally initiates financing.

Within the entire process, eLeasing records detailed information on the business case, generates the necessary documentation and serves as a means of communication between the parties involved.

Technical properties

eLeasing offers web applications optimised for the given types of users, such as sellers, users responsible for decision-making in relation to business cases and users responsible for completing business cases, among others. eLeasing implements workflow connecting these users in the interest of the fastest possible processing of the given business case. Besides data created directly in eLeasing, eLeasing collects and records data relating to the business case from available external and internal databases.

Such a solution requires adaptability of web applications, a robust data model and the possibility of using various communication interfaces (SOA). We have met these requirements thanks to our use of outstanding Microsoft technology.


Windows Azure, Windows Server 2008