We have delivered numerous successful solutions for bank-account access via the internet, mobile devices and by other means of electronic communication. We offer the OfficeLine technology platform, which includes ready-made software components and thus substantially reduces the time needed for implementation of the solution.

Product history

We have been developing the OfficeLine platform for a number of years, during which it has proven its worth in many Czech and Slovak banks.

In the latest generation of OfficeLine, we focused on a modified concept, whereby OfficeLine makes a uniform offer of services accessible via various distribution channels, thus becoming a single access point for a highly individualised offer of services.  Access via the internet, in modifications for computers smartphones and other types of communication devices, plays the primary role.



OfficeLine offers a highly developed model for deployment of dispositions (for defining the access of the user to the bank's products), segmentation of clients, determination of (common or individual) packages of services and the choice of mode for charging clients and definition of the security policy.

The structure of offered services depends highly on the customer's requirements. Therefore, OfficeLine is designed to accommodate various business models. The usual basis is Internetbanking focused on payment transactions, account information, mobile-telephone credit top-up and other services divided into packages corresponding to the segmentation of clients.

Internetbanking Mobile: This version of Internetbanking optimised for mobile devices is targeted at mobile-technology enthusiasts while also serving as a welcomed alternative for users of standard Internetbanking.

Internetbanking Corporate: This version of Internetbanking is intended for medium-sized and larger clients, as it is expanded with the possibility of executing a large number of banking operations (batch dating processing), "approval" workflow and administration of dispositions performed directly by the client without the necessity of visiting the bank.

Mobile Banking: Native applications for Windows Phone, Android and iOS are intended as an alternative to "full-fledged" Internetbanking or as a gift for mobile-technology enthusiasts. In the area of mobile banking, we have not forgotten about "traditional" GSM Banking.

Technical properties

In the case of electronic banking, very high levels of availability, application response and security are absolutely essential. OfficeLine has featured all of these properties since its inception thanks to the combination of our extensive experience and outstanding Microsoft components.

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In the form of solutions built on OfficeLine, we deliver an integrated system which cooperates with the customer's other applications. OfficeLine is prepared for on-line and off-line communication, while also offering the middleware functionality enabling it to operate independently and thus guaranteeing 24/7 availability.



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