Document creation

Within projects for our customers, we repeatedly encounter the need to ensure preparation of documentation on the basis of native data created in the applications that we have delivered.

We integrate various technical solutions (XEP, Microsoft Report Viewer) which ensure the conversion of stored data (XML) into the form of a document with the required graphical properties (PDF).

The data and the final output (document) are always separated from each other, so various documents and reports can be prepared based on the same data as needed. Creation of the actual document is automated, though the same data contained in the document can be viewed in various separate systems, searched, filtered and otherwise further processed.


  • Banking: Account statements
  • Banking: Applications or contracts on setting up time deposits
  • Consumer credit: Loan contracts
  • Financial leasing: Financing agreements
  • Insurance: Insurance policies
  • Insurance: Insurance documents (green cards)


Windows Azure, Windows Server 2008