We deliver custom IT solutions. Our current focus is determined by the requirements of our existing clients, though the technologies (and principles) that we have mastered are universal and thus are not limited to the examples provided below.


Electronic banking solutions on the OfficeLine platform are suitable especially for customers who, besides addressing individual requirements, are interested in building their business on a proven product with a range of well-developed functionalities.

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ePortal (electronic services portal) is intended for customers who want to offer various types of services "under one roof", whether this involves the portal operator's own services or services offered by an affiliated or partner company.

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eCobra Server

eCobra Server offers an authentication server solution intended particularly for those who cannot or do not want to develop their own solutions for authorising access to software applications and services and thus prefer to use a solution approved by software-security experts.

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eCobra Token

eCobra Token is a solution for authorising access to applications using only a mobile telephone, without distribution of a specific device and without SMS fees. What remains is "only" high security and user convenience.

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Windows Azure, Windows Server 2008