• eBanking


    We have solutions for those customers who, in addition to fulfilling their own individual requirements, are interested in building their business on aproven product with a range of well-developed functionalities.


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  • ePortal


    We combine diversely focused services under one roof, whether this involves proprietary services of the portal operator or services offered by an affiliated or partner company.


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  • eCobra

    eCobra Server

    Our authentication server is valued especially by those who cannot or do not want to develop their own solution for authorising access to software applications and thus prefer to use solutions approved by software-security experts.

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  • eCobra winning award

    eCobra recognised for excellence


    eCobra was recognised as the best application in the Windows Azure competition of February 2011.

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  • eLeasing


    We offer solutions for customers who want to generally optimise and, above all, to accelerate the resolution of business cases - financing requests bound to selected subjects of financing.

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A && L soft, s.r.o.

We focus on portal solutions for banking (eBanking) and finance companies (eLeasing) as well as on providing security for applications (eCobra). We develop applications on a custom basis according to the customer's requirements.

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Windows Azure, Windows Server 2008